Why should travel agencies use a B2B portal?

Creating a B2B travel portal has proven to be a successful idea for travel companies and agents. This involves using web-based and smartphone solutions to help establish new business relationships between different organisations and make customer service more efficient. Many companies in the travel industry have already set up B2B marketplaces, and this has been beneficial for the entire industry. 

Having an effective website is essential for the success of a travel company. Without a travel portal, you will miss out on opportunities and potential customers, resulting in significant losses. By developing a B2B travel portal, you can increase your earnings by reaching customers from around the world. 

Advantages of a B2B travel portal: 

1. Cost-Efficient: 

A B2B travel portal helps businesses save costs in several ways. It eliminates the need for physical setups, reduces paperwork, and minimizes the requirement for additional manpower. By bringing the travel business onto a digital platform, streamlines processes and reduces operational expenses. 

2. Real-time Information: 

With a B2B travel agent portal, businesses gain access to real-time travel information. This includes alerts and updates about flight departures, changes in flight schedules, and fluctuations in hotel prices. Having up-to-date information ensures that employees can make timely and cost-effective travel arrangements. 

3. Automated Booking and Confirmation: 

One of the key advantages of a B2B travel portal is the automation of booking and confirmation processes. Traditionally, hotel reservations and car rentals involved time-consuming paperwork. However, with a travel portal, tour operators can instantly access information about available accommodations and book them within minutes. Additionally, many travel portals offer 24/7 online assistance to address any queries or concerns. 

4. Integration with Global Distribution Systems (GDS): 

B2B travel portals often come integrated with Global Distribution Systems. This integration allows travel agents to connect with a wide range of service providers worldwide, giving them access to diverse travel packages and options. By leveraging GDS systems, businesses can expand their offerings and cater to the specific needs and preferences of their customers. 

5. Partnership with Global Travel Service Providers: 

B2B travel portals facilitate partnerships with global service providers, enabling travel agents to offer unique experiences to their customers. By collaborating with international partners, travel agents can curate specialized itineraries, access exclusive deals, and provide a broader range of travel options. This enhances the value proposition for customers and helps travel agents stand out in a competitive market. 

6. Ensures Traveller Safety: 

Duty of care is a crucial aspect of business travel. B2B travel portals help businesses fulfil their duty of care obligations by ensuring the safety and well-being of their employees during their trips. The portals provide features like real-time tracking of employees, emergency assistance, and communication channels to address any unforeseen circumstances. 

7. Data Security: 

B2B travel portals prioritize data security to protect sensitive information. Reputed portals implement stringent security measures to safeguard Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and payment credentials. Advanced data encryption methods are employed to ensure end-to-end data security, maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of business-critical information. 

8. Enhanced Brand Image: 

A well-developed B2B travel portal can contribute to building a strong brand image for a travel business. By offering a seamless and user-friendly experience to customers, travel agents can establish their brand as trustworthy and reliable. Consistency in providing excellent customer support, personalized services, and competitive deals can help elevate a business’s reputation and make it a preferred choice among travellers. 

Some B2B travel agent portals in India include Paxes, TBO Holidays, Siacle International, EaseMyTrip, Goibibo, Yatra, Cleartrip, and MakeMyTrip. 

Some B2B portals in India


Siacle is a B2B open marketplace designed specifically for travel agents. It offers a platform where agents can conveniently purchase tour packages and travel services from verified suppliers worldwide. Siacle simplifies the entire process by providing features that allow agents to easily request quotes, customize packages, communicate with vendors, solve problems, and complete bookings. It takes the hassle out of dealing with multiple suppliers, making the entire experience quick and effortless for travel agents. 

When you use Siacle, you can use a lot of useful tools and services that will help you do your job better. One of these tools is a customizable booking system. It makes it really easy for you to manage bookings and makes the whole process very smooth. Siacle also has a way for you to handle payments, so you can easily take care of transactions and make it simple for your clients to pay. 

2. TBO Holidays 

TBO Holidays is a popular travel platform that connects travel agents with a wide network of over a million travel suppliers worldwide. It helps travel agents by giving them access to various suppliers such as airlines, hotels, and tour operators from 100 different countries. 

The main benefit of using TBO Holidays for travel agents is the smooth collaboration it offers. The platform brings together all the important people in the travel industry, making it easy for agents to talk and work with suppliers. This simplifies the process of checking for available travel options in real-time, negotiating better prices, and managing bookings efficiently. 


EaseMyTrip is a popular website in India that helps people with their travel plans. It offers many different services like booking aeroplane tickets, reserving hotel rooms, renting cars or buses, buying train tickets, and even planning vacations. It is a great choice for travel agents because it gives them lots of options to offer their clients. EaseMyTrip also has competitive prices and extra services that add value to its offerings. The website is easy to use and saves time, allowing agents to create customized travel packages. It has a good reputation and provides reliable services, making it a trusted choice for agents who want to give their clients the best travel experience. 


What are the benefits of using a B2B portal for travel agencies? 

Benefits of using a B2B portal for travel agencies include streamlined operations, access to a wider range of travel services, improved collaboration with partners, and increased efficiency in managing bookings. 

How does a B2B portal facilitate communication and collaboration with travel partners?

A B2B portal facilitates communication and collaboration between travel agencies and their partners by providing a centralized platform for exchanging information, negotiating deals, and managing bookings. 

What features are typically found in a travel agency’s B2B portal? 

Typical features of a travel agency’s B2B portal include real-time availability of flights, accommodations, and other travel services, booking management tools, reporting and analytics, and secure communication channels. 

How does a B2B portal help travel agencies manage inventory and access real-time availability? 

A B2B portal helps travel agencies manage their inventory and access real-time availability by providing a centralized system that integrates with multiple suppliers and consolidates information in one place. 

How does a B2B portal enhance customer service for travel agencies by offering access to multiple travel services? 

A B2B portal enhances customer service for travel agencies by offering access to a wide range of travel services, allowing agencies to provide comprehensive and tailored travel solutions to their customers. 

In conclusion, incorporating a B2B travel portal into their operations can bring numerous benefits to travel agencies. By embracing digital solutions, agencies can reduce costs, automate processes, access real-time information, and integrate with global distribution systems. The partnership opportunities with international service providers enhance the range of offerings while ensuring traveller safety and data security. A well-developed B2B travel portal also contributes to building a strong brand image and elevating the agency’s reputation. With options like Siacle, TBO Holidays, and EaseMyTrip available, travel agencies have the opportunity to streamline their operations, expand their reach, and deliver exceptional service to their clients. Embracing a B2B portal is a strategic move that can significantly enhance the capabilities and efficiency of travel agencies in the competitive travel industry.

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