When is the best time to sell Kerala travel packages? 

Are you in the travel industry and looking to sell Kerala travel packages? Kerala, known as “God’s Own Country,” is a picturesque destination in India, offering breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and a rich heritage. To attract potential customers and maximise your sales, it’s crucial to understand the best time to promote Kerala travel packages. In this article, we will delve into the various seasons and events that make Kerala an enticing destination throughout the year. Let’s explore when the best time is to sell Kerala travel packages and captivate your target audience! 

When it comes to promoting Kerala travel packages, timing is everything. Understanding the seasons, weather patterns, festivals, and tourist attractions will help you tailor your marketing efforts effectively. Let’s take a closer look at the best times to sell Kerala travel packages throughout the year: 

1. Winter Wonderland: November to February

Winter in Kerala, spanning from November to February, is an enchanting time to explore the region. With pleasant temperatures ranging from 18°C to 32°C (64°F to 90°F), visitors can revel in the natural beauty without the scorching heat. The winter season coincides with the festive spirit, making it an opportune time to market Kerala travel packages. Key events include: 

Christmas Celebrations:

Immerse your customers in the vibrant Christmas festivities that take place across Kerala. From beautifully adorned churches to grand feasts, the holiday season is an excellent marketing opportunity. 

New Year Extravaganza:

Highlight the unique New Year celebrations in Kerala, such as beach parties, fireworks, and cultural performances. It’s a fantastic time to attract travellers seeking a memorable way to ring in the new year. 

2. Blossoming Spring: March to May 

Springtime in Kerala, from March to May, ushers in warmer weather, with temperatures ranging from 25°C to 36°C (77°F to 97°F). Although the heat intensifies during these months, Kerala’s natural beauty remains captivating. Consider the following events and attractions to entice potential customers: 

Thrissur Pooram:

Showcasing Kerala’s rich cultural heritage, Thrissur Pooram is a grand temple festival held in April or May. The festival features vibrant processions, elephant parades, and traditional music. Promote packages that include a visit to this cultural extravaganza. 

Hill Stations Retreats:

Emphasise Kerala’s beautiful hill stations like Munnar, Wayanad, and Thekkady. The cooler climate in these regions provides a respite from the heat and presents an opportunity for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. 

3. Monsoon Magic: June to September 

The monsoon season in Kerala, from June to September, transforms the landscape into a lush green paradise. Though the rainfall can be heavy, the serene atmosphere and reduced tourist crowds appeal to travellers seeking a tranquil experience. Leverage the following attractions during this season: 

Ayurveda and Wellness Retreats:

Promote rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatments and wellness retreats that thrive during the monsoon season. Kerala’s abundance of Ayurvedic centres and spa resorts makes it an ideal destination for wellness enthusiasts. 

Snake Boat Races:

Kerala’s famous snake boat races, such as the Nehru Trophy Boat Race in August, attract thousands of spectators each year. Highlight these thrilling events in your marketing campaigns to capture the attention of adventure seekers and sports enthusiasts. 


1. When is the peak tourist season in Kerala? 

The peak tourist season in Kerala typically falls between September and March when the weather is pleasant, and several festivals take place. 

2. Is it advisable to promote Kerala travel packages during the monsoon season? 

Yes, promoting Kerala travel packages during the monsoon season can be advantageous as it offers a unique and tranquil experience for nature lovers and wellness enthusiasts. 

3. Are there any specific festivals or events that can boost sales of Kerala travel packages? 

Yes, festivals like Thrissur Pooram and the Nehru Trophy Boat Race are major attractions that can significantly enhance the appeal of Kerala travel packages. 

4. Are there any off-season discounts available for Kerala travel packages? 

Some travel agencies and accommodations offer off-season discounts during the monsoon months, making it an excellent opportunity to attract budget-conscious travellers. 

5. Can I promote specific activities like Ayurvedic treatments and hill station treks in my Kerala travel packages? 

Absolutely! Highlighting specific activities like Ayurvedic treatments, hill station treks, and wildlife safaris can cater to the diverse interests of travellers and boost sales. 

6. How can I showcase Kerala’s rich cultural heritage in my marketing efforts? 

You can showcase Kerala’s cultural heritage by emphasising events like Thrissur Pooram, traditional dance forms like Kathakali, and historic sites like Fort Kochi in your marketing campaigns. 

Determining the best time to sell Kerala travel packages is vital to maximizing your sales and appealing to potential customers. By considering the various seasons, festivals, and attractions throughout the year, you can tailor your marketing efforts effectively. Whether it’s the enchanting winter, blossoming spring, or monsoon magic, this place offers unique experiences that cater to different travellers’ preferences. So, plan your marketing campaigns wisely, and immerse your customers in the wonders of “God’s Own Country”!

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