What do FIT, IIT, and GIT terms mean in the travel industry?

In the tourism industry, there are certain terms that can be confusing for travellers. FIT, IIT, and GIT are three such terms that often cause confusion. Understanding the meaning of these terms is essential for a smooth travel experience. In this article, we will explore what FIT, IIT, and GIT mean in the tourism industry and how they differ from each other.

FIT: Free Independent Traveler

Definition of FIT

FIT stands for Free Independent Traveler. It refers to individuals who prefer to travel independently without being part of a tour group. As a FIT traveller, you have the freedom to plan and customize your trip according to your preferences. You can choose your own accommodations, transportation, and activities without relying on a tour operator.

Examples of FIT Tours

FIT tours encompass various forms of independent travel. Some popular examples include solo backpacking trips, self-guided tours, and customized itineraries. FIT travellers often seek unique experiences, off-the-beaten-path destinations, and the freedom to explore at their own pace.

Advantages of FIT Travel

FIT travel offers several advantages:

Flexibility: You have the freedom to design your itinerary and make changes as per your preferences.

Personalization: You can tailor your trip to your interests, choosing activities and destinations that align with your preferences.

Authenticity: FIT travel allows for a more immersive cultural experience, as you have the opportunity to interact with locals and explore local communities.

Independence: You are not bound by the schedules and constraints of a group tour, giving you the freedom to explore at your own leisure.

GIT: Group Inclusive Tour

Definition of GIT

GIT stands for Group Inclusive Tour. In a GIT, travellers join a pre-arranged tour package where they travel with other tourists as part of a group. The tour package includes accommodations, transportation, and guided activities.

Examples of GIT Tours

GIT tours cater to travellers who prefer the convenience of travelling in a group. Examples of GIT tours include family vacations, organized group sightseeing tours, and adventure tours where participants share common experiences and activities.

Advantages of GIT Travel

GIT travel offers several advantages:

Convenience: All travel arrangements, including accommodations, transportation, and activities, are pre-organized, saving you the time and effort of planning.

Socialization: Traveling in a group provides opportunities to meet and interact with fellow travellers, fostering new friendships and shared experiences.

Guided Experience: GIT tours often include the services of a knowledgeable guide who provides insights and commentary about the destinations visited.

Cost Savings: Group tours can offer discounted rates and shared expenses, making them more cost-effective compared to individual arrangements.

IIT: Independent Inclusive Tour

Definition of IIT

In addition to FIT and GIT, there is another type of tour known as the Independent Inclusive Tour (IIT). IIT allows travellers to enjoy the benefits of group travel while still having the freedom to customize their itinerary.

Examples of IIT Tours

IIT tours are designed for travellers who desire some level of independence while still enjoying the convenience of group travel. Examples of IIT tours include small group tours with flexible itineraries, private guided tours with customizable activities, and themed tours catering to specific interests.

Advantages of IIT Travel

IIT travel offers a unique combination of group and independent travel:

Flexibility: IIT tours provide a balance between structured group activities and free time to explore independently.

Customization: Travelers can personalize their itinerary by choosing from a range of activities and destinations offered within the tour.

Social Interaction: IIT tours allow for socialization with like-minded travellers during group activities, providing opportunities for shared experiences.

Personal Attention: With smaller group sizes, IIT tours often provide a more personalized and intimate experience compared to larger group tours.


1. Are FIT tours only for solo travellers?

No, FIT tours are suitable for both solo travellers and small groups who prefer to travel independently.

2. Can I join a GIT tour if I want some free time to explore on my own?

Most GIT tours have scheduled activities, but some may offer free time for independent exploration. It’s best to check the tour itinerary before booking.

3. Are IIT tours more expensive than FIT or GIT tours?

IIT tours can vary in price depending on the level of customization and services included. Some IIT tours may be more expensive, while others may offer cost-effective options.

4. Can I customize a GIT tour to suit my preferences?

GIT tours generally have fixed itineraries and limited customization options. If you seek more flexibility, an IIT tour may be a better choice.

5. Are there age restrictions for FIT, IIT, or GIT tours?

There are typically no age restrictions for these tours. However, some specialized tours may have specific age requirements or activity limitations.

6. Which tour type is best for families travelling with children?

GIT tours are often preferred by families as they provide convenience, pre-arranged accommodations, and suitable activities for different age groups.

In conclusion, FIT, IIT, and GIT are terms used in the tourism industry to describe different types of travel experiences. FIT allows for independent and personalized travel, while GIT offers the convenience of group travel with pre-arranged arrangements. IIT combines elements of both, providing flexibility and customization within a group setting. Choosing the right type of tour depends on individual preferences, travel style, and desired level of independence. Consider your preferences, budget, and desired travel experience when selecting between FIT, IIT, and GIT tours.

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